April 23, 2019

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How to Help Free Jarvis
  • Buy and Read Finding Freedom. If you are inspired by it, purchase 10 copies and give them to your friends.

  • Donate copies of Finding Freedom to churches, adolescent treatment centers and juvenile detention facilities in your area.

  • Sponsor a copy of Finding Freedom for a prisoner by sending $7.00 to the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, designated for the Jarvis Master's Campaign

  • Become a financial supporter of the Campaign to Free Jarvis Jay Masters by donating to the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, designating that your tax-free contribution is for the Campaign to Free Jarvis Jay Masters

  • Support the outreach of the Campaign: leaflets, web site, legal supplies for Jarvis

  • Organize a discussion group in your home, your organization, your religious center or your community about Jarvis's book, his legal case and the death penalty. Ask us for ideas.

  • Work to abolish the death penalty

  • 1. Join anti-death penalty organizations.

    2. Write letters to the editor opposing capital punishment to your local newspapers.

    3. Contact your state and federal representatives about abolishing the death penalty.

  • Tell your friends, your fellow workers, members of your spiritual community about Jarvis Masters, his writings and his legal case. Tell them about this web site.

  • Find out more about Buddhism and the work of Buddhist Peace Fellowship and its Prison Support Committee. Subscribe to the BPF journal, "Turning Wheel," which publishes many of Jarvis's new writings.

  • For people in other countries:

  • 1. Put pressure on your government, if it opposes the death penalty, to get involved in the struggle to save Jarvis's life. An example, unfortunately unsuccessful, was French government and French organizations of citizens who took up the case of Odell Barnes and organized to try to stop his execution in Texas in early 2000.

    2. Work to get Jarvis's book, Finding Freedom, published in your country. There is already a Dutch edition. We are working now to have the book published in German.

  • Contact us by mail
    The Committee to Free Jarvis Jay Masters
    P.O. Box 10032
    Oakland, Ca. 94610-0032
    with ideas about how we can work together to abolish the death penalty in the United States and to free Jarvis. Give us your comments and suggestions. Let us know of any resources or connections you can offer. Let's communicate together about how we can build the campaign to free this wonderful, compassionate man.

  • Keep Jarvis Jay Masters present in your thoughts and your daily practice. Prayers and good wishes are helpful. May we extend our thoughts of freedom from suffering to all beings.