Though Jarvis enjoys corresponding with many of you in letters, he wants to hear your voice and he wants you to hear his. Jarvis is a human being after all, and wants to be known and loved as the full-hearted, fully human being he is; he wants the closeness that voices bring in a spontaneous conversation filled with the joy, laughter and sorrow springing from people just talking and sharing stories.

If you would like to speak to Jarvis on the phone, he can call you. Here’s how it works:

  1. You create an account on the ConnectNetwork website, which allows those on the outside to speak on the phone with inmates across the US.

  2. You submit a payment to enable Jarvis to pay for a phone call with you

  3. You inform the Free Jarvis Committee of your availability and we work with Jarvis to find a time that works both you and him.

  4. Jarvis will give you a call.

STEP 1: Set up an account and pay for your call.

  1. Go to https://web.connectnetwork.com/

  2. Click on "Create Account."

  3. For state, Select "California" and for facility, select "CA Dept of Corrections & Rehabilitation"

  4. The next page will ask you for the phone number you want to get calls at. Enter your number.

  5. Next, skip the Inmate Search page for now. (This is if you are going to add funds to Jarvis' account. You can always go back to that later.)

  6. On the next screen, fill out your profile, account, and security info

  7. Review and confirm.

  8. You will get an automated email at the email address you provided with a link to activate your account. Follow the directions on it. It will direct you back to the GTL main website in which you can process your payment.

    There are several ways to pay. Paying online by credit card is the easiest, quickest and safest way to pay. More info payment options available here.
    The current rate for GTL calls to SQ is 14 cents per minute, so a 15 minute phone call will cost approximately $2.10 and an hour is $8.40 plus taxes.

  9. After you pay, you will get an automated confirmation email of your payment. (If you are stuck or need help, there is an option to call a live representative at GTL.)

STEP 2: Contact the Free Jarvis Committee to setup a time to talk to Jarvis.

Inform the website administrator that you have an active GTL account and provide by emailing

Send an email to us at freejarvis@gmail.com. Please provide the following info:

  • The phone number Jarvis can call you on

  • Your time zone and preferred times for calls

  • Some details about yourself and why you’d like to talk with Jarvis. (This will be passed on to Jarvis so that he can call you and have your first conversation with him get off to a good start.)

  • That you have setup and have active GTL account

STEP 3: Speak with Jarvis.

Jarvis usually has access to and can reserve using the phone between 7:30am -9pm daily. Inmates are allowed up to 1 hour on the phone, and occasionally more if other inmates forfeit their reservation.

Calls are allowed in 15-minute increments; but Jarvis can call one person several times, or a few different people a day in shorter spurts.

Calls from Jarvis will show on your phone as GTL Houston 713-568-6986

While you are talking to Jarvis, you are given a warning about 10-15 minutes before your account balance gets to zero. If your account runs out during a call, the system allows you to refill it over the phone by credit card or you can also call the GTL Advance Pay line 1-800-483-8314.

If you have any questions about account setup, etc. email us at freejarvis@gmail.com — we’re not a GTL helpdesk, but we will troubleshoot what we can.